21 October 2020

Planet Youth

Event date: 26 November 2020 • Location: Mounttown Community Facility

Planet Youth

The Task Force will be developing a conversation with personnel from schools, and youth service and training providers, around the prospect of rolling out a 'Planet Youth' programme within DLR. 'Planet Youth' is a substance misuse intervention model that was developed in Iceland and that is focused on mobilizing schools/parents and communities around building a protective framework for young people, mainly at primary-secondary transition stage (12-14 years), but has implications for other youth transitions also.

The programme has been widely reported in the media and elsewhere, including a brief article in Druglink. The Western Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force, has been working on this programme for a few years and their material is updated onto their website. Some of the evidence cited in support of the programme, 1997-2007 is available from HRB website.

We’ve had preliminary discussions with a few service providers / stakeholders and there is some interest in developing this programme. Obviously, with COVID, we will not roll out ‘Planet Youth’ while the uncertainty around repeating lockdowns continues, but we will take the opportunity to plan ahead. In this regard, we will be hosting an online consultation on Thursday November 26, and if you are working in schools, youth or training services in DLR and interested in being involved with this programme, please let us know we will forward an invitation to participate.

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